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Design at Microsynth Seqlab: Primer added by Microsynth Seqlab. This option is similar to "Order Now". In addition to primer synthesis Microsynth Seqlab performs also the primer design. You just have to provide us by email with a sequence of 50 200 bases. Please mark this checkbox only if you know that your sample contains GC rich sequences ......Read more

Illumina SeqLab All required components for operational ...

A comprehensive automation, data analysis, and consulting solution for implementation of a fully operational sequencing center using the HiSeq X Series....Read more

Microsynth Seqlab Microsynth DE

Microsynth Seqlab · Maschmühlenweg 36 · 37081 Göttingen · Germany. Phone 49 551 370 00 10 · Fax 49 551 370 00 12 · [email protected] Certificates. ISO 9001 ......Read more

SeqLab University of California, Davis

SeqLab is the graphical user interface for GCG. To run the program, you must have an X Windows compatible display, such as a workstation console or a personal computer running X Windows emulation software. SeqLab allows you to run most programs in GCG from its menus as well as manage, edit, and annotate your sequences....Read more

SeqLab MD Anderson Cancer Center

SeqLab is the graphical user interface for the Wisconsin Package. To run the program, you must have an X Windows compatible display, such as a workstation console or a personal computer running X Windows emulation software....Read more

The sequencing facility University of Bergen

The DNA Sequencing Lab is a self sufficient UoB facility housed in and administrated by MBI. The sequencing facility offers DNA sequencing and fragment analysis for users from the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital and several external institutes, companies and independent research groups. Join our mailing list...Read more

Standard Services Microsynth Seqlab Microsynth DE

Microsynth is proud to offer its customers a high quality Sanger sequencing service. By having established Sanger sequencing labs in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, we can offer this service with unmatched speed and environmentally friendly pickup service in those countries....Read more

Transovarial transmission of Borrelia spp., Rickettsia spp ...

Obtained PCR products were Sanger sequenced at Microsynth Seqlab Laboratories (Göttingen, Germany) and aligned with 16S rRNA gene sequences published by Estrada Peña et al. [GenBank: KM211785, KM211786, KM211787, KM211788 (I. ricinus); KM211789, KM211790 (I. inopinatus)] as well as other selected sequences of I. ricinus, I. inopinatus and I ......Read more

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Technical Datasheet and Different Types of Certificate of Analysis (CoA) On our technical datasheet, you find information regarding your ordered oligos like oligo name, oligo ID, nucleotide sequence, modifications, length, synthesis scale, molecular weight, melting point, the amount in OD, nmol and µg and the information with how much water you need to dissolve the dried oligo to obtain a 100 ......Read more

Suppression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis ...

Total RNA was isolated from spleen cells of naive C57BL 6 mice or from cultured NSPC IL 10 and NSPCs (using a kit from Seqlab, Göttingen, Germany). RNA was transcribed into cDNA using products from Promega (Madison, WI, USA). PCR reactions were performed in a thermocycler (Biozym, Oldendorf, Germany) using the following conditions: 35 cycles ......Read more



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  • Post Date : March 2, 2021