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MailMate is an IMAP email client for macOS featuring extensive keyboard control, Markdown integrated email composition, advanced search conditions and drill-down search links, equally advanced smart mailboxes, automatic signature handling, cryptographic encryption/signing (OpenPGP and S/MIME), tagging, multiple notification methods, alternative message viewer layouts including a widescreen …


Here's How MailMate Helps. Saving You From Clutter. We receive and store all your mail, then convert it to high-res PDFs. Forget that mountain of mail. Prioritise Your Time. Quickly review your digital files as they hit your smartphone or computer. Then, choose whether to read, delete or archive. passwords – BugMeNot

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Account Setup – MailMate

Account Setup IMAP. MailMate is able to import IMAP accounts from Apple Mail and Thunderbird. You can do this using the “File Import Accounts…” menu item which opens a window showing you all importable accounts available.

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* Processing fee: ¥500 + 3% of the amount of the bill. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Copyright © 2020 MailMate

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How to set up MailMate | Fastmail

How to set up MailMate. MailMate is an email client for Mac OS X. … Open MailMate. You may be prompted to add an account. If not, go to File → Add IMAP Account. Fill in the server details: Description: A name to identify this account (anything you like).

Compose – MailMate

MailMate is a plain text email client and the only way to generate rich text emails is to use the Markdown markup language. For some users this is a problem because they are required by company policy to include an HTML signature in every email sent. This special case is solved by MailMate by allowing a signature to be defined with an HTML variant.

Download – MailMate

Download Public. MailMate for macOS 10.10-10.15: MailMate 1.13.1 (r5671) (release notes) Note that the download also works as a 30 day trial version of MailMate. You can use the “Buy Now” link above or the “MailMate Registration” menu within MailMate if you decide to buy a license key.

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