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Welcome to Land Cruiser Owners On Line – the leading online resource for Land Cruiser information. This web site and its associated LCOOL forum have come about through the desire of Toyota Land Cruiser owners to have a forum through which we can openly and freely exchange information about our Land Cruisers and 4WDing.

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LCOOL members – please visit and become familiar with the following: LCOOL has implemented a new private Forum for communication among members. This is a progression from the private email lists used previously. Click Here to enter the LCOOL Forum.

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Landcruiser 200 Series | Fishing – …

Hi, I currently have a 3L diesel Prado and find it struggles to tow my 6m fibreglass Seafarer when we head North fully loaded on holidays. It's now time for an upgrade and I'm thinking the 4.7L V8 Petrol Landcruiser 200 Series and are interested in any experience people may have had (good or bad) towing a similar size boat with one of these vehicles.

Suspension upgrade on Landcruiser 200s – The Grey Nomads Forum

I am somewhat surprised that no one has responded yet . We have a 100 series and have installed air bags and found them fantastic . Just stabilised the back end ,pump up when needed ,must add we also have a 50mm lift kit .

LCOOL ADMIN – Offroad 80's

No it's not just you, I joined there when i first got my 80, knew nothing said a few stupid things and people jumped on you from a great height, problem was the moderators appeared to be the pack leaders, to me they appeared to be waiting for stupid comments just so they could belittle the posters and show how smart they were, and this was in the first reply, they have a no mercy attitude.

Registering on to – The Grey Nomads Forum

Hi guys, its was org not com, my mistake. Ive tried registering on several occations over the last few months. Does seem to recognise the passwork THEY send me to use.

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