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This website has the intention to provide a portal for the expansion and communication of YOU the Culture that gathers around Movement: Movement Culture. ... Keep up to date on the Ido Portal movement, latest news and events. Enter your details below to join....Read more

Ido Portal (our teacher) — Republic of Movement

We have the unique opportunity to be mentorship students of Ido Portal. The mentorship program is a small group of practitioners who receive firsthand guidance from Ido both on how to practice and how to share (both of which we wish to do in the best way possible). This mentorship has fundamentally driven why, how, and what we teach....Read more

The Ido Portal Internship

The Ido Portal Internship. Recent footage from our internship in Phuket, Thailand, May 2013....Read more

Is Ido Portal’s ‘Movement Culture’ For Real? The Atlantic

Shortly thereafter, with Portal’s blessing, her brother Roye opened the movement facility in Tel Aviv, and Portal started a mentorship program to pass on his methods. (Each of the 40 mentees check......Read more

Ido Portal Sports fitness training guide – Interview

Ido Portal's innovative training techniques have earned him huge sums of money and turned him into the go to fitness coach for star athletes. Find out how his teachings can help you right here....Read more

Movement Classses in Dubai

I continued to work online with Ido, then attended several more events including internships, movements camps, and in 2015 I received an invite to join the Ido Portal Mentorship Program that had just been created....Read more

Ido Portal Mentorship Petr Růžička

Ido Portal Mentorship. V roce 2015 jsem se stal členem Ido Portal Mentorship skupiny což, jak název napovídá má za cíl připravit nové učitele Ido Portal Method. Ido nás učí trochu jinak (a trochu jiné věci) než na veřejných seminářích, jdeme mnohem více do hloubky a taky dostáváme dost sodu, když něco nefunguje, jak má....Read more

Events & Courses — Modus Movement Studio

Ido Portal Mentorship Students offering the highest standard movement training and classes in Perth INTRO TO MOVEMENT COURSE PERTH We know that the first step is always what brings up the most fear. So we brought in our Movement Intro course to give you the attention and guidance to reclaim your movement....Read more

Ido Portal Movement Culture About Ido

A small community and a CULTURE started to develop around my ideas but more importantly around Movement. This website has the intention to provide a portal (Ido's Portal...) for the expansion and communication of YOU the Culture that gathers around Movement: Movement Culture....Read more

Ido Portal Here is a short Ido FAQ for you all, since we ...

Yes, you can. If you can afford it, willing to travel to wherever he is around the world and willing to train hard and digest large amount of info you can come hang out with Ido and his team for a week of training, learning and discussions. Email us at [email protected] with subject line 'internship' for more details....Read more

Ido Portal Mentorship Program

Ido Portal Mentorship Program

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