DMCA Protection & Takedown Services

A DMCA Badge is a seal of protection placed on your website that deters thieves from stealing your content. With a registered badge, you have access to the tools, resources and support to swiftly takedown any website that steals your content....Read more

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

In the case of Flava Works Inc. v. Gunter the court denied the defendant safe harbor protection under DMCA .The district court found that the defendant had knowledge of its users' infringing activity and also failed to prevent future infringing activity....Read more

DMCA Notices Here’s Everything You Need To Know In 2020 ...

Think you might need to send a DMCA? Use our generator tool and template to create a DMCA notice, and also learn who or where you should send a DMCA with our definitive guide....Read more

DMCA explained What are DMCA claims and how do you avoid ...

DMCA takedowns aren’t a new issue—they’ve been a hot button issue on platforms like and Twitch for many years. But Twitch has stepped up its enforcement over the past few weeks. So what is......Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

DMCA is intended to regulate digital media and deal with copyright challenges the digital world faces. DMCA not only looks into the copyright infringement issues faced by users on the internet but also reinforces penalties for offenders....Read more

Twitch streamers were issued tons of DMCA takedown notices ...

Twitch has informed streamers across its platform on Tuesday that it has deleted content violating music copyright laws after receiving “a sudden influx of DMCA takedown requests” back in June ......Read more



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  • Post Date : March 4, 2021