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Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation. Can handle everything. Cross-compilation toolchain, root filesystem generation, kernel image compilation and bootloader compilation. Is very easy.

buildroot – Buildroot: Making Embedded Linux easy

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unable to login to buildroot –

unable to login to buildroot. Hi all, i built a jffs2 filesystem by using make at91sam9261ek_config for buildroot.2010.02 . everything went fine but im unable to login on to my target board when i type root and press enter it is redirecting me back to the login

How to create a very small Linux system using Buildroot …

How to create a very small Linux system using Buildroot. Posted on 27/02/2011 by AgentOss. … The default root login (as generated by Buildroot) has no password. There also exists a standard user named “default” (no password too). login: root password: (none)

linux – No buildroot login in QEMU – Stack Overflow

The difference I've noticed is lack of "console=ttyS0" in the second invocation. I guess that the buildroot didn't run "getty" or similar program on /dev/ttyS0 but run it on /dev/tty1, and that is why you can login in the second case but not the first one. It is also possible that you are not connected the qemu to ttyS0 in your guest linux.

The Buildroot user manual

The Buildroot community highly recommends and encourages the upstreaming of improvements, packages and board support to the official Buildroot project. Of course, it is sometimes not possible or desirable to upstream because the changes are highly specific or proprietary. … modify Run a getty (login prompt) after boot and set the appropriate …

Buildroot (busybox) – Unable to login to buildroot

Unable to login to buildroot. Hello all, I just compiled 2011.02-rc1 because I wish to use oprofile and it doesn't compile in previous versions (known bug). I kept my previous kernel compiled with…

Buildroot – Making Embedded Linux Easy

The Buildroot IRC channel is #buildroot, hosted on Freenode.If you do not have an IRC client, you can use the Freenode web interface.When asking for help on IRC, share relevant logs or pieces of code using a code sharing website.

Buildroot (busybox) – [Bug 5366] New: can't login (root or …

" Welcome to Buildroot buildroot login: root Password: Login incorrect buildroot login: default Password: Login incorrect buildroot login: " The corresponding config file is included in the attachment.

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