LoginView Class (System.Web.UI.WebControls) Microsoft Docs

The LoginView control manages switching among the various templates once you assign templates to any of the three template properties of the LoginView class: AnonymousTemplate Specifies the template to display to users who are not logged in to the Web site....Read more

LoginView.LoggedInTemplate Property (System.Web.UI ...

Gets or sets the template to display to Web site users who are logged in to the Web site but are not members of one of the role groups specified in the RoleGroups property....Read more

LoginView Control, asp LoginView Control

asp:LoginView control LoginView control is very simple yet very powerful and customizable. It allows user to customize its view for both anonymous user and logged in user....Read more

ASP.NET Tip Using the LoginView Control Codeguru

ASP.NET 2.0 has added a number of controls to simplify developers' lives when it comes to routine, repeated tasks that are common to web applications. This tip discusses the LoginView control, which works hand in hand with the other security features of ASP.NET....Read more

LoginView Controls with Roles in ASP.Net 2.0

Authentication and authorization is one of the most important modules when we develop any asp.net applications. LoginView control will be very much useful when we use roles with forms authentication.LoginView controls we can show or hide controls based on the user’s authenticated status.Show and hide controls based on roles in asp.net...Read more

ASP.NET Tip Using the LoginName and LoginStatus Controls ...

Besides the new LoginView control that Microsoft added to ASP.NET 2.0, you could use a couple of handy controls in conjunction with your web site security: LoginName and LoginStatus. The LoginName control simply displays the user name if the user is logged in....Read more

C# How To Change Login Status In LoginView Control

< asp:LoginView> How to detect login status? View 2 Replies. Similar Messages: Security :: Secured Site Using The Login Control Do Not Want Them Redirected Based On Their Login Status? Mar 24, 2011. I am doing a simple secured site using the login control. I would like users to be redirected to their dashboard page once they log in, but after ......Read more

A Look at the LoginView Control HighOnCoding

The LoginView control not only checks for the user’s role but can also be customized to display information based on the status of the user. By status we mean that if the person is logged in or is only an anonymous user....Read more

Asp Loginview

Asp Loginview

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